Smart Linker for SMBL

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Smart Linker(4ch) HBL-200

It is a compact and portable wireless science data logger
that pairs to any Android and Windows device by Bluetooth or USB cable.

Smart Linker for SMBL

Usage Method

  1. 1. After long-pressing its power button, LED (Blue) will be flashed to turn into Fairing Mode.
  2. 2. Connect the Smart Linker with wireless devices (through Bluetooth or USB connection).
  3. 3. Practice the Data Logger Program and experiment can be proceeding.
  4. 4. Auto. Stop: It automatically stops to run when there is no action of communication and sensor connection for 5 Min.


Input Port 4 Channels (Digital)
AD Conversion 12 ~16bit
Sampling Period Max. 1kHz (Bluetooth)
Max. 10kHz (USB)
Network Bluetooth (RF 2.4GHz), USB 2.0
Battery Lithium – Polymer 2300mAh
(When fully charged, possible to use up to 45 hrs.)
Charge System USB (500mA, 5V DC)
Connection System Bluetooth or USB
Use of Temp. Range 0~ 40(degree) ℃

Connection Method of Android Devices

Science# App installation method
- Search ‘sciencesharp’ on ‘play store’ of Android, and then install the program.
A. Bluetooth Connection
- Click bluetooth icon button at the Science# Program. Press scan for devices button to search serial number of related Smart Linker to be connected. A melody rings from Smart Linker when connection is completed.
- To make a pairing, you need to put the pin code (‘0000’: Four Zeros) for the first time. After that it automatically makes a pairing between Smart Linker and wireless device.
B. USB Connection
- Practice Science# Program and connect Smart Linker to Android Devices by using USB OTG cable.
- As if Smart Linker was power-offed, it will automatically power on when connected to USB cable.