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Excel Based Program – MBL & SMBL

Now you can apply data-logging to excel program by installing ScienceCube program in your computer easily. You can use Excel’s powerful and simple function for making charts and graphs, controlling valuables and analyzing statistic. Also it’s possible to work conversion, edition and sharing data. This program allows you to make multimedia report with Excel’s original function.

Free editing Excel chart and graph
Easy data processing by using Excel’s powerful function

Ready-made experiment sheet with MACRO Function in Excel

Innovative Software Advantage of Excel based program

  • Simple operation
    - Beginner can learn how to operate the software without any trouble.
  • Powerful procession function
    - Can record and analyze data in real-time
  • Software’s popularity
    - Can use to software as long as installing MS office program.
  • Software’s utility
    - User can use a vivid color in one table to attract student’s attention and improve their interest.