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Smart Sensor Box

It’s a compact and portable wireless science data logger with 9 built-in sensors that
pairs with any Android and Windows device by Bluetooth or USB cable.
Smart Sensor Box is perfect for outdoor science exploration from K-12.
You can connect 4 other sensors with the extra channels. 9 built-in sensors:
Temperature, Humidity, Barometer, Light, Heart Rate, RGB, UV, Tri-axial
Acceleration, Magnetic Field.

9 sensors in one device! all-in-one interface!


Input port 4 CH (Analog & Digital)
ALL Korea Digital's sensors are compatible!
Sampling Rate MAX. 1kHz (Bluetooth)
Network Sensor Cable 4 pcs
Charing USB cable and manual
Component Li - polymer 2300Ah
Battery Li - polymer 2300Ah
(Up to 45 hours)
Size 85 x 110 x 19 (mm), 125g
Charging Method USB (500mA, 5V DC)
Connection Method Bluetooth & USB
Sensor List Input Range Resolution
RGB Color -40℃ ~ 70℃ 0.0625℃ (12bit)
Light 1 ~ 65535 lux 1 lux
UV 0 ~ 100%RH 0.01%RH (14bit)
Heart Rate 300 ~ 1100 hPa 0.01hPa (16bit)
Tri-axial Acceleration -4 to 4 gauss 0.0002 gauss (16 bit)
Magnetic Field ±2g, ±4g, ±8g 3 Channels (X/Y/Z) 0.004g (±2g)
Humidity 1 to 65535 counts 4 Channels (RGB and C) 1count
Temperature 0 ~ 11 UV index 0.1 UV index
Barometer 0 ~ 250 BPM 1 BPM


9 sensors are embedded
- You can use 9 sensors to do several kinds of experiments in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science.
Easy Wireless Connection
- You can connect ‘Smart Sensor Box’ with any devices like PC, Laptop, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, etc. by Bluetooth.
Therefore, you can do many kinds of experiment without cable and you manage the device easily.
More 4 extra sensors:
- You can connect up to 4 sensors by cable, if needed, and then you can do more experiments.
Provide FREE Data Analysis Program Science# for Windows and Android
- You can download ‘Science#’ for Android from Google Play Store and our website for Windows. It is FREE!

User Guide

  • 1. Press the power button more than 2 seconds and LED (Blue) will flash for the paring mode.
  • 2. Connect Smart Linker 2 with Smart Devices by Bluetooth or USB cable.
  • 3. Run the Data Logging program (Science#) and then proceed the experiment.
  • ※ If there is no activity or operation between Smart SensorBox and connecting device for 5 min, then it will turn-off     automatically.

Smart Sensor Box

Connection Method with Smart Devices
(It is compatible with Android and Windows OS.)

Bluetooth connection
Press [Scan for devices] button to search for serial numbers of related Smart Sensor Box and then input 4 zeros (0000) for paring.
USB connection
※ After running 'Science#' program, your device like Tablet PC or Smart Phone and Smart Sensor Box should be connected by using USB OTG cable. Even if Smart Sensor Box is turned off, it will turn-on when USB cable is connected.
※ You can also do the experiment via Science# Windows version and Excel Logger in your PC by USB cable.