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Interface analyzes and Processes signals from the sensors, and it provides information to a computer. Interface has a built-in microprocessor and provides... communication protocol that can be programmed so that a user can experiment directly through various inputs and outputs.

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Sensors & Probes

ScienceCube sensors are two different types (MBL, SMBL) and more than 100 different kinds of sensors for Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth Science. Sensors are automatically identified in their own interfaces with measurement unit by analytic software.

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Science# collects and analizes the data about the the science experiment based on any Android and Windows devices. Students can do more exciting... experimental activities through Science#. Experience Science# for the smart education which is simpler and stronger!

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Wireless Sensor

The new paradigm of MBL Wireless Sensor.
No interface, No cable, No price burden

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Video Library